SMC 10/14 Review

The BC Social Media Council returned this semester with a full house and an hour packed with information.

Boston Tweet, A.K.A. Tom O'Keefe, posing with BC cupcakes, compliments of BC Dining!

Boston Tweet, A.K.A. Tom O’Keefe, posing with BC cupcakes, compliments of BC Dining.

The meeting kicked off with alumnus Tom O’Keefe, who explained that he is so identified with his brand that “my mom is the only one who doesn’t call me Boston Tweet.” A major influencer in Boston with more than 164,000 followers, Tom said his social media experience was bred from necessity when the stock market crashed and recession hit in 2008. At the time, Twitter was in its infancy and early adopters carved out niches long before industry brands adopted the medium. Tom found himself focused on his adopted city of Boston and affordable options for food and entertainment. That resonated with his demographic – college students and young professionals.

“I believe in and support local business. I’m the type of person who wants to know the bartender and recognize the owner when I go out to eat or drink. Especially in a city like Boston, there is an interconnected-ness,” said Tom. “At the time, in 2008, local businesses were suffering. I had lost everything. I started using Twitter as a way to share tips like where you could get a meal that filled you up all day. It’s a a powerful communication tool, it lends itself well to networking.”

As his Boston Tweet following grew, so too did the user expectations. Timeliness was and continues to be a challenge, he said.

“The best thing is the nonstop flow of information. And the worst thing is the nonstop flow of information,” Tom said. “It’s amazing that we’re at this place where we’re all journalists. We’re all responding in the moment to what is happening right int front of us.”

Tom has spun a business model from his Twitter prowess, and works with local and national companies to promote events, products and ideas. He also is the founder of Flutter, a concept that marries crowdsourcing and charitable giving.

Tom said what sets him apart from other personalities on Twitter is his continued focus on Boston exclusively, positivity and authenticity. “I know exactly who I am and what I believe in. My followers know who is behind the account. They value that transparency. And I always try to be positive and support local charities….within a character limit.”


BC Athletics Associate Director of Communications Lizz Summers gave a brief presentation on the new department website and a strategic shift from using the hashtag #WeAreBC to #BCEagles. Lizz said that considerable consideration was made into this decision. Although used for years as a hashtag to show BC pride, #WeAreBC is also used by groups from around the world, including high schools, competitions and, of course, British Columbia. Because Athletics’ messaging was becoming so diluted from non-BC community members, the shift was implemented on Aug. 1. Lizz asked all Council members to support the new hashtag, #BCEagles, if posting about Athletics’ events or programming.

Boston College Alumni Social Media Manager Cheryse Ong updated members about upcoming programming and the Office of International Programs asked Council members to support International Education Week (stay tuned on their Facebook page.)

Finally, the Council had a brief discussion on Periscope. Social Media Manager Melissa Beecher briefly talked about some experimentation News & Public Affairs is doing with campus tours and events. Athletics will be using Periscope for press conferences and BC Alumni is using the medium for campus events. We’ll be sure to continue discussions on this medium as more members start adopting, or are interested in learning more.

Our next Social Media Council Meeting is Dec. 2. What topics would you like to see covered?

SMC 10/14 Preview

The first meeting of the Social Media Council this semester is upon us! Tomorrow we’ll meet in McGuinn 334 at 2 p.m. with a packed agenda.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.47.14 PMOur guest speaker this month is Tom O’Keefe, A.K.A. Boston Tweet, who has established himself as one of the top social influencers on Twitter in Boston. Tom has a Twitter audience north of 160,000 and is the founder of Flutter, an online platform for local charities to create interesting local experiences. A 1995 alumnus of BC, Tom has agreed to share with us his story, tips on Twitter and details on how to successfully build and sustain a brand on social media.

Next up, Athletics Associate Director of Communications Lizz Summers will give us an update on her department’s new website, and preferences with hashtag usage when posting about BC Athletics teams or news. Cheryse Ong, Social Media Manager for BC Alumni, will also provide an update on upcoming campaigns and social media efforts from her department.

We’ll leave some time to talk about Periscope, as more departments have become interested in or already started utilizing this live streaming service connected with Twitter. Curious about Periscope? Read this blog post from the team that developed it. And here’s a look at how other schools have utilized Periscope to date.

If you haven’t already, please RSVP to so we have enough chairs! See you tomorrow.

#BC2019 Are You Ready?

Logo of the BC2019 social campaign

Greetings, SMC-ers! We are asking all Council members to support the upcoming #BC2019 campaign. Be sure to follow @BostonCollege and @BC_Admission for the official Admission announcement, which will come soon.

In the days following the mailing of decision emails and letters, the BC channels will publish fresh content to keep our online community engaged. Be sure to support the effort by sharing the posts and using the #BC2019 hashtag on original content to make a great first impression to our newest Eagles.

Remember, this is an opportunity to showcase your individual program, school or department. We’ll be adding the best #BC2019 posts and tweets to a Storify and Tagboard, so don’t be left out.

Need some inspiration? Here’s last year’s #BC2018 summary.

Thanks for your support and email with any questions!

SMC 2/4 Preview

(Photo by Caitlin Cunningham)

(Photo by Caitlin Cunningham)

Greetings, SMC-ers! By now, everyone has shoveled out from #BlizzardOf2015. (and Tylenol will be served at next week’s Social Media Council upon request.) Wednesday is our first meeting of the semester and we have a great lineup.

For those who have asked for information on social media management tools, we’re having an expert in from Hootsuite to give an overview of the product and talk about possible ways a tool like this can enhance social media channels. Be sure to bring questions regarding automation, analytics and collaboration.

Next, we’ll review some recent changes to Facebook and talk about engagement. From leveraging trending topics to evaluating useful analytics and data, this session will take a more advanced look at the platform.

Finally, BC Admission will step into the Social Spotlight to talk about the upcoming #BC2019 campaign. Zachary Wielgus, Assistant Director of Admission, will talk about ways you can introduce your schools and departments to incoming students.

So mark your calendars for 2-3 pm in McGuinn 334 and please RSVP to

SMC Preview 12/10

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.39.51 PMThe last Social Media Council meeting of the semester is next week. Scheduled for 12/10 in McGuinn 334 at 2 pm, this hour is dedicated to discussion of current trends and upcoming social campaigns.

Come ready with questions for students because our team of interns, the Social Media Fellows, will kick things off with a panel about what they view as effective and ineffective social media. The team have provided invaluable insights and content this semester. If you have topics you would like to see covered, be sure to ask or email in advance.

Council members will be asked to share what campaigns you have planned for the upcoming semester, so we can better plan and collaborate. Major campaigns that started this month include the Boston College, Admission #BC2019, the Boston College Career Community, a LinkedIn group that brings together alumni and students, #IamBCLaw from Boston College Law School and the Boston College Snapchat’s new geolocation filter.

Remember to RSVP to and we’ll see you Wednesday!