Social Resolutions

New twist on the tired new year’s resolution question: Google+ Your Business asked it’s 58,000+ circle members what their goals were for the upcoming year in social media.

The response was good, the answers thoughtful. An established, engaged online community doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important to learn from those that do it well.

Social resolutions included:

1. “I will think big”- connect with people utilizing some of the new features of social media (Google+ ‘Hangouts’ comes to mind)

2. “I will listen more” – find out not only what people are saying to you, but what people are saying about you through search functions. Enter conversations when it make sense to do so.

3. “I will triple my followers”- use various channels and websites to cross promote.

4. “I will roll out the red carpet” – provide exclusive content to the different social media channels to encourage people to follow.

5. “I will not ignore my followers” – be responsive. be a service.

What are your social resolutions for the upcoming year?

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