It’s Official – Social Media Council @ Boston College

It’s official! The first meeting of the Boston College Social Media Council was held March 29.

The introductory meeting brought together ten departments and divisions from across campus to introduce themselves to colleagues, share challenges and explain how their social media efforts are being administered. With hopes to expand the Council to include members of the academic side of the University in the very near future, this core group oversees Boston College’s largest social media channels.

Among the many challenges voiced, one issue that seemed to achieve consensus across the board: limited time and resources. Many departments are interested in maintaining meaningful social media channels, but feel overwhelmed that this must be done in addition to other work.

In upcoming meetings, the group will focus on setting University social media guidelines, establish a social media directory, provide cross-departmental support on social media campaigns and hear from experts in the field to improve all of our social media offerings.

For the next meeting, each member agreed to do some “homework” – a one-page fact sheet, outlining the channels that they maintain (Twitter handles, Facebook aliases, Blog URLs, etc.) and share any existing guidelines that help current page administrators. That information will be distributed prior to the meeting electronically. The agenda is still being finalized, but the next SMC meeting will be held Wednesday, May 2 from 2 to 3 p.m. in Lynch Center/Fulton 513.

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