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On the eve of the Facebook IPO, this video comes from the company of a 2006 BC alum. Co-founder of cdza, Joe Sabia’s work was recently featured on CNN The Situation Room.


Social Media Council – Meeting Summary

Last week marked the second meeting of the BC Social Media Council. During our hour-long session, the 12 departments represented participated in a presentation on what students would like to see on social media, reviewed the results of an informal survey among our members and started to tackle the issue of forming social media guidelines at BC.

Kelly Alice Robinson, the Career Information Services Manager for the Boston College Career Center, is in charge of much of the center’s rich social media offerings. Robinson provided great insight into student social media habits, sharing the results of the Career Center’s focus groups, conducted this semester on campus. Major points included:

– Everything that you’ve read about email being dead is wrong. Students in the two groups said that “Twitter and email are everything.” Students  – especially freshman and sophomores – report that they check their email and Twitter accounts continually throughout the day. They are “constantly connected” and are more apt to read emails specific to them (i.e. an email specific to junior communications majors, as opposed to a blanket university email). They also were more likely to read emails that were not especially text heavy and had a graphic element.

– Students want and expect 24/7 access. Students were very receptive to the Career Center’s online chat with career counselors and the ability the schedule appointments at any time of the day or night, any day of the week.

– Minimize website content – students felt overwhelmed when visiting certain websites due to too much content and recommended admins. utilize more substantive video content.

Robinson also spoke about the Career Center’s blogs. (And if you’d like to see an especially prolific blogging approach being done at BC, click here for the RealJobs Blog and here for the Center’s blog.)

Finally, the SMC reviewed the first draft of guidelines for social media administrators, a document that will be published in September.

Next meeting date was set for June 13. Mark your calendars!