Social Media Council 6/13 Summary

“Best practices” were the focus of the latest Boston College Social Media Council on June 13.

A second reading of the draft “Boston College Social Media Guidelines” was completed, with feedback including adding cautions about starting a new SM channel, time commitment involved and a definition of terms. Some of these ideas – defining terms and a hash tag directory – will most likely be broken out to additional documents for SM administrators on campus.

Our first presenter was SMC member Ben Schwartz, Associate Director of Online Communications & Marketing Development for BC’s Office of University Advancement, who shared his notes from a recent CASE Social Media Conference. Many of our peer schools participated in the conference, which offered recommendations on how social media is best administered across various platforms.

Among Ben’s take away points that got the SMC talking, were live streaming of big campus events, #RightNow hashtags on Twitter and individuals presenting themselves as individuals, rather than a brand (@MarySmith vs. @BCAlmni). Instagram was cited as a popular, new way to connect to people. Presenters at CASE cautioned against adopting new technology for the sake of it, outsourcing social media to outside agencies and obvious or clichĂ© blog posts. (See Ben’s full list of notes here: CSS_Notes)

Our Council was also introduced to Peter Salvitti, Chief Technologist, Boston College ITS. Peter discussed the importance of making ITS a partner in social media, both to protect BC data and have ITS as a resource that could aid in providing services BC users need. Peter and his group will continue to participate in future meetings to provide guidance and expertise to our members.

After a couple housekeeping items, the Council adjourned for the summer. Future fall dates will be published on the blog once the locations are finalized.

Have a happy summer, members!

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