SMC 12/5 Preview

The next Social Media Council is less than a week away – Dec. 5 in McGuinn 334. We will once again welcome a number of new members – School of Theology and Ministry, Graduate School of Social Work, Dining Services and Church in the 21st Century Center.

Among the topics on the agenda:
In keeping with BC’s ongoing CyberSecurity campaign, representatives from Information Technology Services will discuss security issues related to social media. BC IT will speak on a number of topics ranging from protecting accounts and privacy concerns to risks in sharing data.

BCPD will step into the “BC Spotlight” to talk about their recently revamped website and the addition of QR Codes to their police cruisers.

Stemming from a request from one of our new members, we will have a group discussion on how to get support for new social media channels across a department, division or school. Think about what challenges, if any, you faced when establishing a presence Facebook, Twitter or the like. What concerns did your managers have? How did you overcome those challenges? Or, what challenges are you still facing?

We’ll also be talking cross-collaboration on the BC Pinterest account. Boston College found early success on this platform and is looking to keep the momentum going. For those who have a good idea for a shared board, we’re interesting in partnering with groups, schools and departments. We’ll share one of our “secret boards” and take ideas about other ways to improve our Pinterest presence.

As part of the ongoing effort to develop and implement a University Social Media Mashup page, we’ll be talking about two elements of the site: and area to profile prolific bloggers among us (suggestions welcome!) and a hashtag user guide that can be used as a resource for SM practitioners. As always, the floor will be open for additional updates, questions or concerns by members.

That’s a lot of SM talk. Looking forward to having you join the conversation.

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