Click On This

You’ve heard about Movember. What about the Pope on Twitter? Hard to not feel all warm and fuzzy inside after reading about the NYCPD’s newest viral sensation. These are just a selection of some great social media case studies grabbing headlines in the past week.

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 10.11.16 AMWith so much information out there, and in an effort to make us all better SM practitioners, we’re launching a new feature – “Click on This”- which aims to share interesting stories and info gleaned from the interwebs.

This week’s links are compliments of PR Daily: first up is Quinton O’Reilly’s “25 lesser known social media tips for work and play.” Some of these tips you may know, but chances are there are one or two you don’t. The second is Matt Wilson’s “The stories that work best on Facebook” which provides helpful reminders about what works best on that platform.

Also, prior to Wednesday’s Social Media Council, here’s some food for thought: Jessica Turner’s “7 proven ways to create viral Pinterest posts.” Our Boston College Pinterest page has gotten a few good hits on the small scale, but nothing close to virality. We’re interested in hearing what “brand” pins interest you most and thoughts about how to add shared boards to our offerings.

Finally, this is a great read from Jasmine Henry “The 6 most irritating ways to use hashtags on Twitter.” This story quotes the “guy who brought hashtags out of the geekosphere” cautioning against overuse. As we start our discussion about how to utilize hashtags on our platforms strategically and more effectively, it may be helpful to know what NOT to do.

Have a social media story to share? Post them below and let us know why you find it interesting.

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