Social Resolutions 2013


Last year, we drew attention to the Google+ Social Media Resolutions. In hindsight, some goals were truly cringe-worthy (triple followers…really?) and most lacked specificity. But it has to be said that few could predict how drastically the SM landscape would shift this year – at BC and beyond.

This year, let’s keep our resolutions to three clear-cut, attainable goals:

1. Adopt University social media policy – in the works now, vetting policy will be one of the big items the SMC will undertake this year.
2. Complete the University social media convergence site – in its beginning stages, this project will become the official landing page for all things social at BC.
3. Audit each of the SM channels and decide which, if any, should be enhanced, eliminated or reworked. Each department, division or group should regularly self-assess. With limited resources, we must be honest about what is working and what is not. (We’re looking at you, Google+….)

Poll time – care to share your social media resolutions for the upcoming year?

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