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Click on this: Thumbs Up for BC Social

It’s always nice to hear a compliment. It’s even better when that compliment is about BC social media and coming from those studying the subject. This week, two members of Prof. Jerry Kane‘s MI621 class along with some local media posted reviews on BC social media worth sharing.

One student wrote in the post “#Hashtag University“: “This may just be because I am still nostalgic over Monday night’s Beanpot win over Northeastern, but I have been very impressed by BC’s presence on social media lately. The Eagles have really stepped up their game with a new Instagram account, BC’s very own version of the ‘Harlem Shake’ (with over 22,000 YouTube views since just yesterday) and not to mention the 27,000+ followers on the primary @BostonCollege twitter account. BC actually came in at an impressive #52 on Track Social’s list of top performing universities on social media. I expect this ranking will improve and soon maybe we’ll even give our friends across the river a run for their money (@Harvard).”

Another student wrote in the post “WeAreBC“: “Well, I had my doubts, but it looks like Boston College has a very strong social media game, which can only do wonders for the university’s already solid reputation.  We have to remember that at the end of the day, higher education is big business (tuition amounts aren’t going anywhere but up), so having a social media army in place that can adequately market the BC brand to prospective customers (students) can go a long way towards improving the bottom line.”

"trendy" with PinterestBC social earned praise in The Heights “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” section for being “trendy” with Pinterest and called out by BostInno for the flurry of social postings surrounding the Beanpot.

Motivation to keep us movin’ for sure. Have a great weekend, SMC members!

Click on This: What’s Your Strategy?

In meeting with departments interested in starting or improving their social media channels, one question inevitably comes up: What is BC’s social media strategy?Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 2.20.43 PM

It’s a question that we’re going to ask everyone to consider, as we come together for the next Social Media Council on March 6. Believe it or not, we’re quickly approaching the one year mark of the SMC – March 29 is our birthday (woot!). Over the past year, we’ve been focusing a great deal on what is currently being done at BC. One discussion an SMC member has requested is for us to take a step back and talk about why each of us started a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. account. Do you remember how and why your channel started? Was it part of your communication strategy to use Twitter over Facebook? Or was establishing an account simply yielding to pressure of having a presence?

Each one of us will have different goals, given our different audiences. Our strategy for meeting the needs of prospective students on Facebook would and should differ greatly than what would be posted to the BC ITS Twitter account.

But if you are involved with the SMC, then chances are you are your office or group’s de facto social media strategist. “7 Tips for Succeeding as a Social Media Strategist” is a great piece by Erica Swallow of Mashable. (If you take just one thing away from this post, make sure it is Jeremiah Owyang’s WOMMA Summit presentation at the bottom of the article.) *SMC fun fact* – it was this very presentation that was the impetus behind the creation of the Council.

This piece – The Future of Community Management – by Meghan Peters provides a great way to rethink how to manage your channel. Peters concludes: “As a community manager, it’s your responsibility to make your community a better part of the Internet than where they started. Don’t let the siren song of clicks and likes cause you to forget that.”

At the University level, we’ve drafted the following social media mission statement. When posting, self assessing channels or looking to the future, we consider this statement of purpose to guide what we do.

“Social media will be used to share the Boston College story; to highlight the University’s mission, news and achievements; to provide a virtual experience of BC life; to interact with, learn about and learn from BC’s audiences across demographic and geographic lines; and to help keep members of the BC community connected in real-time no matter where they are.”

What do you think? What is your statement of purpose? Are we missing something?