SMC Preview 3/6: Birthdays and Big Ideas

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…but who’s counting?

The Boston College Social Media Council is scheduled to meet Mar. 6, 2 p.m. in McGuinn 334. And you know what that means. No? Well, it means that the SMC is celebrating our one year anniversary! (insert gratuitous, yet celebratory meme of the minute here)

Leading off our meeting will be Director of News & Public Affairs, University Spokesman Jack Dunn. Jack will talk about individual responsibility when representing the University. Jack oversees all Boston College’s public and media relations efforts and teaches undergraduate courses in Advanced Public Relations at BC.

Piggybacking off Jack’s remarks, we will hold a brief “State of Social Media” to focus on where we are and where we’re going. The last year brought significant changes to the way we communicate at BC. With the ever shifting social media landscape, the upcoming year presents its own challenges.

Two SMC members have brought forward interesting discussion items. As the previous blog post stated, ITS Training & Communication Specialist Jonathan McGrath has asked us to focus about our social strategies: why did you decide to start a Facebook vs. Twitter account? Have you dropped one channel? Started another? Why?

BC Athletics Web and Marketing Specialist Katie Foley, has come up with an idea we’d like to float with Council members. Kate has suggested that we identify a hashtag (such as #BCSocial) that we can use on various channels – Twitter primarily – to talk SMC among one another. We brand our departments, what are your thoughts on branding ourselves?

Stepping into the “BC Spotlight” this month will be Burns Library Senior Reference Librarian Justine Sundaram. No pressure, Justine, but we’re hoping that you can give a master class on Flickr, blogging and Facebook. If you haven’t checked out these channels, please do so (and remember them when you are looking for something interesting to post – they are very rich resources!)

Sharing the spotlight is LSOE Associate Director Mentoring and Induction, Practicum Amy Ryan will also fill us in on a social media project she’s working on with grant support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation. This project is a resource for students and alumni to upload, share, download, and discuss lesson plans and teaching resources.

Looks like a full agenda. Don’t forget to RSVP to so we have enough chairs (and cupcakes! YES.

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  2. I used to read you blog religiously, I’m sorry I ever stopped! Now I remember what got me enamored hooked initially.

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