SMC 3/6: #WeAreBCBrandRepresentatives

Feelin' the Love for #BCSocial

Feelin’ the Love for #BCSocial

Happy anniversary, SMC! Before the meeting summary for last week, we just wanted to offer a quick word of thanks to all who have participated in the SMC over the past year. We are each covering new territory in our respective offices, departments or schools and it has been refreshing and energizing to hear from the different corners of the University about ways social is being utilized. These meetings wouldn’t be so informative without each one of you. So, very simply, thank you.

Director of the Office of News & Public Affairs and University Spokesman Jack Dunn kicked off the March 6 meeting with a brief talk about the importance of social media and the role we all play as brand ambassadors. “Be creative. Be interesting and engage,” said Dunn. “But always keep in mind that we each have a responsibility to the wider organization when representing BC in an official capacity.”

The 2013 State of Social Media at BC was next (For the complete PowerPoint, click here). In short, we are hoping to continue to build upon our success of the past year through increased collaboration and a set of shared goals. Our primary objectives for the next year include: launching the social media mashup site; establishing University policy; increasing collaboration between departments on contests or videos; advancing in the rankings; and soliciting feedback. We also hope to continue the SMC’s work of promoting best practices across the University. (For more on that, below you will find the infographic from that was referenced in the presentation, “Reasons for unfollowing people on Twitter.”)

Next, ITS Training & Communication Specialist Jonathan McGrath led a discussion on how to decide which social platforms to use. A number of SMC members shared their stories about why they selected various channels – some yielded to pressure to get involved, others informally polled students about how to best reach them. The chief takeaway from the discussion was to try not to overextend on channels, but rather, focus on the quality of the platforms you do employ.

BC Social Spotlight: Senior Reference Librarian for Burns Library Justine Sundaram gave us an interesting look into the evolution of the Burns Library blog, Facebook and Flickr pages. (The Burns’ Flickr page enjoys over 500,000 views – a wildly impressive number by any measure!) Justine shared the Burns’ quiet success story – the library has utilized graduate student researchers, networking with other libraries and a heavy photographic component on their channels. Justine believes their popularity was due to the social channels’ launch coinciding with a push to digitize library holdings – data that all of us can use.

Finally, we decided that establishing a social branding tool – #BCSocial – would be a meaningful way to communicate among one another publicly or promote a given University effort on campus.

What should we focus on at the next SMC? Email us at


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