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Click on This: BC Social News

It’s a phrase SMC members have longed to hear: Welcome to Boston College’s social media mashup page, BC Social.

Thanks to the great work of BC’s ITS Web Technology Group, we’re rolling out the soft launch of #BCSocial for SMC review. We ask that all members take a look at the content, check the directory listings and review various feature windows. If your department/group is not highlighted now, don’t fret. Featured channels will rotate (we’ll do the first rotation before the next SMC meeting on Oct. 9). As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. If there any changes or updates required, email A formalized marketing campaign for this site is planned, but we wanted the Council’s input before releasing it to the public.

Also of note, the #WheresBaldwin photo content is underway. Thanks to those who have already helped in getting the word out. The campaign has already gotten a bit of press, which is a nice case study on how quickly news can travel from social channels to media outlets (>2 hours!)

baldwin resized
On a more global level, the past week has been particularly newsworthy in the world of social media. Facebook has adopted #hashtags, Twitter introduced analytics and Instagram will be introducing a video feature. Given these various changes to the most popular channels, we will be introducing social media breakout sessions for BC social media admins in early September. These platform-specific, 45 minute sessions will offer basic training, troubleshooting and strategy discussions. Interested members should take the poll below so we can determine what is the biggest need for the community at this time.

Thanks for your work this semester, SMC. Have a restful summer and enjoy your time…offline!

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