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Click on This: Summer #BCSocial Roundup

Quiet summer? Not so fast. Lo, these dog days have proven to be especially newsworthy for social media at Boston College.

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 10.17.52 AMThere is some nice buzz surrounding #BCSocial (Click here for a great piece from Future Index).  In this post, the Future Index places our Social Media Council in the company of universities doing innovative social projects. The article states: “Many institutions are exploring ways of getting more people involved in their social platforms. Boston College looks to have gone that extra yard and then some. There’s the Social Media Council, encouraging anyone to get involved in activity, and a fantastic website that reports on the latest campaigns, explains the latest technology developments and reaches out to engage with staff and students.”

The other big news, Boston College Instagram has been named the most popular in America by Nitrogram! Special thanks to the Office of News & Public Affairs student shutterbug extraordinaire Emily Hobbs ’13, who took Instagram from concept to the top account in the country in less than a year. Instagram has proven to be a successful platform throughout the University. BC Recreation, Athletics, BC Bookstore, International Programs and Alumni are all staying busy throughout the summer posting some interesting content. (If you need an Instagram tutorial, check out this link to Instagram 101)

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 10.27.08 AMAlso of note, Boston College Athletics and Football Coach Steve Addazio have been recognized for their use of social media in recruiting top talent to BC. In this Boston Globe article, Coach Addazio acknowledges:  “People got into the social media thing and I was not a social media guy. But I decided that as the leader of this organization . . . I had to get out of my own comfort zone with that to set the tone for the rest of the staff to get out of their comfort zone. Then we started having fun with it.’’ The #BeADude campaign resulted. (To add impact, Coach Addazio’s message, Tweets and posts are being reinforced by @BCFootballNews and BC Athletic Director Brad Bates.)

Finally, some great words of wisdom from SMC friend, social media expert and CSOM ITS Prof. Jerry Kane. In this MIT Sloan Management Review piece, Prof. Kane touches on a key point that the above BC success stories have illustrated: balancing the role of energetic interns or technologically aware college students with strategically savvy and mission-minded existing managers is the ideal way to bolster a department’s social media.

Kane writes: “Likewise, the most effective organizational social media initiatives may be partnerships between younger employees demonstrating and experimenting with social media technologies while more experienced employees harness that enthusiasm and those ideas to give them strategic direction. This brings together the best of both worlds, combining procedural and strategic know-how.”

Note for SMC members#BCSocial will officially launch in late August, with a marketing campaign and social push. If you haven’t already, please review the directory information on the page and let us know if you have any campaigns to feature in the lead spots. As always, email us with your news or questions to