12/4 SMC Review: Closer Look at SEO

Google. It has not only changed the way people search for information, it has altered memory and the way our brains function. (No, really.)

Search engines – with Google in particular – have become the gateway to the internet. They are a de facto virtual editor – separating trusted information from spam and ordering results. For brands, the top search returns are prime real estate. At the Dec. 4 Social Media Council, University Advancement Social Media Manager Stephanie St. Martin walked us through SEO, search engine optimization, and explained why it matters both for web and social media administrators.

“How many of you go to page two of Google?” Stephanie asked. The response: chuckles and a few scattered hands. Her question made the point – “page one” matters and being aware of your school, department or center’s natural search returns matter.

Among the topics covered, Stephanie explained several shortcuts to fine tune search results, introduced us to Google Trends and explained how specific keywords can be helpful when creating bc.edu webpages. Driving traffic to those pages – through sharing or engaging on social media – improve search returns for the web and social channels. (To see the full presentation, click here SEO.)

Jim O’Neill, ITS Web Technology Group Senior Web Administrator, was up next to show just how to implement some of Stephanie’s tips when publishing content. Jim’s advice included: fill out all fields – title is the most important, but also keywords and description play a role in search engine rankings. Being mindful about length, writing for the web and taking advantage of photography and video content were all among Jim’s to recommendations.

Stepping into the Social Spotlight, Sgt. Jeff Postell explained how Boston College Police have found success, not only on Facebook, but on their new account on Twitter. Sgt. Postell said a mix of humor, dealing with negative interactions head-on, responsiveness and engagement with other brands has helped make BCPD leaders among campus law enforcement departments on social media in the country. (To see a great example of BCPD in action, check out their newest video. Love.It.)

Sharing the spotlight was Remy Hassett ’14 who explained how Boston College History Department found early success on Facebook and Twitter. Both accounts are just a few months old, but have gained hundreds of followers by making history accessible. Remy explained how undergraduate student, graduate student and faculty talent are all used to manage these sites. She credits a candid discussion with administrators – both of the page and the department – with getting everyone on the same page prior to launch. Using the hashtag #TDIH, combined with a unique voice, that manages to be both academic and youthful, are some ways this accounts delivers for many audiences.  

Two ongoing campaigns of note: #Andre44Heisman is going strong and BC Athletics has asked that we all support Andre’s Heisman campaign through the hashtag when possible. For those interested, Boston College Instagram is using the hashtag #ChristmasOnTheHeights throughout this month. If you would like your photos regramed use it!

Thanks for your attendance this year, SMC-ers! Please vote on topics you’d like to see in the upcoming semester below. If you don’t see a topic you are interested in, please enter it in the space provided.

One response to “12/4 SMC Review: Closer Look at SEO

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