SMC 2/19 Preview: Get Legal, Eagles.

Does your social media channel put the University, your department or you personally at legal risk? Gulp.

"Legal Eagle" Credit:

“Yes, you.”

Legal questions are one of the top concerns shared among administrators and those who maintain social media on behalf of an organization. There’s good reason for confusion: overwhelming ‘Terms of Service’; murky privacy and permission requirements; and the prevalence of prizes and contests, but little explanation  how to administer one on the up and up.

Two Boston College Law School experts have graciously agreed to give us a 40-minute crash course in legal issues and best practices on social media. Associate Professor David Olson and Assistant Professor Daniel Lyons will answer some of the recurring questions Social Media Council members have raised at previous meetings.

Diving a little deeper, Carly Pariseau, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance at Boston College, will step into this month’s “Social Spotlight” to talk about social media and the NCAA. Different rules apply when communicating with athletes – particularly prospective athletes – on social media. Carly will take a few minutes to review pitfalls to avoid.

We’ll have the remainder of our time for Council members to share what campaigns you have planned or challenges that have arisen. Remember to RSVP to so we have seats for everyone.

See you in McGuinn 334 at 2 p.m.

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