New media & Journalism – Google+ Hangout with #BCExperts 2/25

Mark your calendars. You don’t want to miss this. Next week, Boston College will be kicking off our Google+ On Air Hangout series featuring some of our best and brightest faculty. #BCexperts Hangout: New Media & Journalism is scheduled for 2/25 at 2 p.m.

For our inaugural hangout, we’re excited to have two experts from the publishing industry: Maura Johnston and Janelle Nanos. Each a noted journalist in her own right, our guests will share their insights into the field and react to news of the day.

Hangout topic overview: Simply stated, social and digital media have changed the way the world communicates. Have news outlets responded accordingly? Has the quality of journalism suffered? How can new or aspiring journalists navigate a changing industry and establish careers? Is personal branding a way to set themselves apart? (Wait. That’s a lot of questions. Want to take the Hangout in a different direction? Good. We’ll be accepting your questions for our experts in advance via email or by using the hashtag #BCexperts. Send or tweet your ideas.)

Janelle Nanos

Janelle Nanos

A little more about our panelists: Janelle is a BC alumna, Senior Editor of Boston Magazine and a visiting lecturer in American Studies and Journalism. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Newsday, Slate, Marie Claire and The Village Voice, among many other publications. She worked as Assistant Editor for Special Projects at National Geographic Traveler magazine, developing multi-platform projects that spanned the print publication, tablet, and web. Janelle ran the Intelligent Travel blog, that received awards from Lonely Planet and the North American Travel Journalists Association. (For those who are fans of Boston Magazine, Janelle was the journalist behind the 15 anniversary reflection, “Good Will Hunting: An Oral History)

Maura Johnston

Maura Johnston

Maura is the BC Institute for the Liberal Arts’ first journalism fellow. Maura was a founding editor of  Gawker Media’s music blog Idolator, former Village Voice music editor and recently launched Maura Magazine, where she works as editor. A contributor to Rolling Stone, The Awl, Newsday and Spin, Maura is  a frequent media commentator on music and popular culture. BC Prof. Carlo Rotella, calls Maura: “a pioneer in everything from the online expansion of traditional magazines and newspapers to purely digital publications, including the emerging field of subcompact publishing. She represents a meeting point between the priorities of online journalism and the kind of care of intellectual craftsmanship that we teach in writing workshops, journalism courses, and the liberal arts more generally.”

Who do you want to hear from at our next #BCexperts Hangout? Submit topic or faculty suggestion via Twitter using the hashtag #BCexperts or email

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