Boston College Happy

If you have been on campus or connected to Boston College through social media, chances are you’ve seen “Happy.”

The reaction to the four-minute video has been sensational: a skyrocketing view count, hundreds of new followers, thousands of re-tweets and a tidal wave of email, comments and messages. And it’s all positive. Walking across campus during midterm week, you may have seen students laughing into their iPhones or standing in front of the Boston College’s Bookstore‘s big screen TV, watching the YouTube video play on a loop.

The first question most people ask: who did it?

Video Producer Sean Casey was the talent behind the piece. An alumnus of BC, Sean’s one year anniversary of working at BC’s Office of News & Public Affairs is next month.

We asked Sean to explain how this video came about. He writes:

“You can’t help but smile when you hear Pharrell Williams’ new song “Happy”.  It’s contagious.  Much like the spirit of Boston College. Being a native Californian, I found that I had been relying on this song to keep my spirits up during a particularly brutal Boston winter.

I began to reach out to a few student groups and faculty to see if there would be any interest in creating a Boston College version of Pharrell Williams’ original video.  The response from the B.C. community said everything and more about what it means to be an Eagle. In less than one week, more than 140 students, faculty, staff, and alumni answered that they wanted to participate.  They spontaneously broke out their very personal dance moves in public locations at the drop of a hat.

For me, it was unbelievably fun to film.  It was a chance to experience something very human and unique to Boston College.  In the midst of midterm examinations and single-digit weather, they passionately embraced the opportunity to show just how happy they are to be here at this University.

I can’t thank Pharrell Williams and his team more for creating such an amazing song that literally makes everyone happy.  But most importantly, I want to thank everyone who shared their radiant and contagious personalities on camera for all of us to enjoy.

I hope this video puts a smile on your face, I know it has for me.”

Thank you to all the members of the BC Social Media Council who supported the video through participation or by sharing this content on your channels. (See some of the responses from around the world on our BCHappy Storify – which proves once again that great content creates even more great content.)

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