#BCSocial alert! Great effort underway to help connect students around the world and rally behind Boston. Guest post by Assistant Director for International Development Christina Hatzipetros explains more:

Microsoft Word - Document1The Office of International Programs is sponsoring a student initiative to show solidarity and support for the city of Boston and the runners in the 2014 Boston Marathon. Starting this Monday and in the two weeks leading to Marathon Monday, OIP will replace its profile photo on social media sites with this image. All students studying abroad this semester have been invited to participate.

 “As Marathon Monday 2014 rapidly approaches and we all find ourselves in various countries around the world, our hearts return to Boston. We have an opportunity to show our love and support for Boston and the marathon runners from wherever we are in the world,”  said Rebecca Howell CSON’15, who is studying at Venice International University this semester.

To participate: Take a picture or make a short video (up to 10 seconds) of yourself expressing your support from your location abroad this semester while wearing either Boston Strong, Boston College, or any type of Boston apparel and post it, tweet it, or Instagram it. Tag pictures and videos with #BCHeartsForBoston and/or #ToBostonWithLove. You can also send in photos and videos via email to dimitroc@bc.edu to be posted on the OIP sites.

Posts will be curated and published on the IOP channels Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

Share this with other students from Boston-area schools who are studying abroad. With your help we look forward to making this a true international effort!

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