A new #BCEagles look on Twitter


Beginning Friday, July 1, Boston College Athletics – as well as the football, men’s basketball and men’s hockey teams – will have a new look on Twitter.

Starting at noon on Friday, all four accounts will get new handles for their official Twitter streams:

  • BC Athletics will now be @BCEagles (previously: @BCSportsNews)
  • Football will now be @BCFootball (previously: @BCFootballNews)
  • Men’s basketball will now be @BCMBB (previously: @BCHoopNews)
  • Men’s hockey will now be @BCHockey (previously: @BCHockeyNews)

Fans already following the accounts won’t have to do anything to keep receiving the latest news from The Heights automatically – the posts from these four accounts will continue to appear in their feeds.

However, going forward, in order to tag, mention or message these four accounts, fans will need to use the new account names.

“From the Athletic Department’s point of view, the new @BCEagles Twitter name – plus the three new team usernames – better aligns with our brand and who we are,” Senior Associate Athletics Director JM Caparro said. “For our fans, Twitter has become more than just a means to spread news. It’s about engaging and coming together as a community, and showcasing and sharing the many great stories happening both on and off the field, ice and court.”

First launched in August 2009, @BCSportsNews served as the department’s official Twitter feed, bringing news from all 31 sports to fans. Beginning in 2011, individual teams started adding accounts – including football, men’s basketball and men’s hockey.

Originally, the department’s Twitter accounts were used to broadcast news – which is why these four accounts all had “News” in the name. These were the official Twitter homes for all the news you needed about BC Athletics.

As the medium changed and adapted to its users, however, Twitter morphed into a true social, conversational platform. The department’s account names became outdated as conversations flourished and Eagles fans created a community online.

So, as of Friday, July 1, we’re updating the accounts to better represent the communities that our fans have helped create over the last seven years. It’s no longer about the news, but rather the school, the sports and the BC Eagles.

Read more on the BC Athletics website.

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